Foreword. A photographer is a creative person. Each specialist has his own unique vision of picture and editing, his own style of work. If you hire a photographer, it means you agree with his portfolio and agree to get similar photos. You can ask the photographer to adjust, but he doesn’t have to. It’s not about principles. It’s hard for anyone to reinvent themselves and work differently than they know how to do. Especially because a photographer’s vision is more of an internal skill than an acquired one. And in that case, even if the photographer agrees, he can’t give you a guarantee that he can completely get into the style you want. It’s better to find a specialist whom you completely like.

I’ll start with the duties of a photographer!

Choosing a photographer is one of the most important steps in preparing for your wedding. Your photos will help you remember your special day for the rest of your life. Take this choice very seriously.

So, you have found the profile (or website) of a specialist, looked at the portfolio, and you like the photos. Now you have to pay attention to the details for which the photographer is responsible. 

Knowledge of frame composition.

  • Quality of pictures.
  • Limbs should not be cropped.
  • Pay attention to the photographer’s style. More horizontal photos or vertical photos. The photographer likes to lilt the horizon or not. More portraits or general plans.
  • Color correction of photos is also part of the style. Color can be natural, warm or cool. Photos can be light or dark. The photographer may or may not add noise.
  • All specialists approach photo retouching differently. Ask how many photos the photographer takes for retouching.
  • Find out how many photos the specialist guarantees you. Because these figures can be very different. Someone will say that 15 photos per hour, and someone will say that he will do more than 100 pieces per hour.
  • Look at how different the photos are from each other or not. A good photographer tries to take a variety of photos.
  • The photographer should explain and/or show you how to pose.
  • The ability to take clean photos without unnecessary objects (and people too) in the frame is very important.
  • Lanterns, monuments, etc. should not stick out of people’s heads.
  • The photographer must be pleasant. Read how he writes. Communicate with him in messages. After all, this is essentially a stranger, but with whom you will spend a long time.

And now not about the photographer!

But the work of the photographer is not all that affects the perception of the photos. In the example of weddings, images are also influenced by the newlyweds (how happy, beautiful, and emotional people are), the work of the stylist and makeup artist, decorations, locations, lighting, etc. Because of this, it often happens that people look not so much at the photographer’s work as at the beautiful weddings on his profile, even though the photos may be flawed. However, because you look at a great atmosphere and beautiful people, even bad photos will sell to you.  And already in your photos, you will notice all the flaws of the photographer’s work. So be sure to look closely at each of the points above. Choose a photographer by his work, not by the weddings he shoots.

Below I will tell you in more detail what affects the photos. The points are not in order of importance!

1. Appearance of models

A) The clothes must be clean and fit your size.

B) The looks of everyone involved in the shoot should be in the same style and color combination.

C) Wear only clothes in which you feel comfortable. If you don’t like something in your image, it will be felt. And then you will look at the photos and see only those flaws. For example, if you think you have fat arms, then it is better to choose a dress with closed sleeves.

D) There is no need to chase trends. Not everyone looks good with puff sleeves, pink color, vintage glasses, etc. Choose clothes based on what you personally like.

E) If you want a classic photo shoot (not creative or stylized), don’t choose weird clothes or unexpected color combinations. Basic items in basic colors will almost always be perfect.

2. Your mood (well, everything is obvious here)

3. Background, decorations, lighting

A) Imagine two absolutely identical portraits: one is made against the background of a wall, and the other against the background of mountains. The first photo will obviously lose a lot to the second one. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good place for a photo shoot.

B) Separately, I would like to say about the morning photo sessions of the bride and groom. The apartment will almost always lose to the hotel in terms of interior and light. This does not mean that you need to pay a lot of money for a hotel, but you should not wait for stylish magazine photos from an ordinary apartment.

C) Decorations are the way the banquet hall and the place of registration are decorated. Again, let’s imagine two absolutely identical photos of a dancing couple. But in the first case, there are: the banquet hall with only basic decorations, the usual overhead lights, little space, tables, and guests falling into the frame. Or in the second case, the hall is lit with the calm light of wall sconces (lanterns, garlands), decorated with flowers, heavy smoke on the floor, spotlights shining, and confetti falling. And which picture would look better?

Finally, I’d like to add that a photographer can help you reduce risks on several points! After all, this is a person with great experience and expertise. He can help you choose locations for shooting, assess the banquet hall, and even advise about clothes!

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