I believe that wedding photography should be classic and timeless. But at the same time, I always add air, space, and movement to photos to make them more exciting and unique. 

I cannot wait to capture photos for you that feel embedded with your very own story that will help you relive the emotions and connections for years to come!

People say that it is very comfortable and pleasant to work with me. If you are ready to hire a photographer who becomes your new friend… then skip all your doubts and write to me! 

  • I prefer natural color correction. For some photos where it’s beautiful, I do black-and-white. Sometimes, in addition, I edit photos “like a film”. And also I adooore photos with direct flash!
  • My photos will not lose their relevance. I work in a classic style. A mixture of staged-live shots and reportage. 
  • I help you pose and guide you throughout the photoshoot!
  • During one hour of a photo shoot, I do more than 100 good photos
  • If you don’t like the first color correction (you want the photos to be lighter, warmer, etc.), I’ll redo it! It is important to me that you are satisfied with the result!
  • Almost always give away photos in less time

What you get

  • Helping you to pose
  • Finished photos up to 1 month
  • Color correction of all good photos
  • Consultation (schedule of the day, locations, etc.)
  • More than 80 photos from an hour of photoshoot
  • The number of photos from the banquet depends on the event
  • You get photos via cloud storage. You have 3 months to download them
  • I do basic retouching on all the photos. I remove unnecessary objects
  • You can select 15 photos from one hour for additional retouching. For example, if the shooting lasted 3 hours, you can choose up to 45 photos for retouching

The final price depends on the city and duration

Weddings. Wedding photographer Switzerland Europe

Civil wedding

Ceremony at the city hall, couple photoshoot, group photos with guests. 2-3 hours

150+ pictures

From 300 CHF

Weddings. Wedding photographer Switzerland Europe

Full wedding day

From morning preparations to cake cutting! All that you want! At least 8 hours.
On request: a flash drive with photos

700+ pictures 

From 1000 CHF

Weddings. Wedding photographer Switzerland Europe


Morning, ceremony, photoshoot, group photos, and the beginning of the party. 4-6 hours.
On request: a flash drive with photos

500+ pictures  

  From 600 CHF  

Weddings. Wedding photographer Switzerland Europe


I am open to work at weddings of any format! Write to me and we will discuss the most favorable conditions!


The copyrights to the photos belong to me, and I can use them on my social networks, and website. If your shooting needs to be confidential, this needs to be discussed at the beginning when booking the date. Confidentiality is paid additionally. If I am allowed to use photos of details, without faces, and general and long-range plans (where you stand far away), then +20%. If you don’t forbid me anything, but you want to control what exactly I will publish then +10%. Complete privacy +30%.    


  • When contacting me, please specify the date of the wedding and the approximate duration of the wedding day. I don’t communicate by voice messages. Please write to me only in text
  • During the wedding between locations, the couple provides my movement
  • If the wedding ends late and/ or outside Geneva (public transport is not working or is unavailable), the couple pays for my ride home
  • Entrance tickets to museums, rent for a photo studio, tickets for funiculars, etc. are paid for by the newlyweds
  • For convenience: 1 CHF = 1 EUR

You can request these props for free!

Weddings. Wedding photographer Switzerland Europe
Weddings. Wedding photographer Switzerland Europe
Weddings. Wedding photographer Switzerland Europe
Weddings. Wedding photographer Switzerland Europe

Special offer! 

I want to expand my geography! If your wedding is in a wonderful place in the mountains, or on Lake Como, and so on, then I am ready to shoot it for a minimal payment (depending on the duration). You only have to pay for my way and accommodation (if necessary).

Contact me

To contact me, text me on social networks, by email, or by using this form.


I do not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers due to the increased frequency of spam calls. Sorry for the inconvenience.